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Assessing Value

We are approached endlessly about selling one domain or another. Each of our sites will produce a 6 or 7 figure annual return with no labor or upkeep. Therefore, we are not motivated to sell our properties. However, we will consider joint ventures with qualified Web savvy folks with a proven track record.

Did you know that many domains have outperformed
EVERY single stock in the entire stock market?

It's a fact. No stock on the entire stock exchange, anywhere in the world, has increased in value more or faster! While others have bought and sold domains in the short term, our focus is long term buying of their PRIME property.

After 4 years, our first phase is complete. The present phase will take up to 10 years as we match content to the audience.

Domains are increasing in value faster than
ANY other commodity EVER known to man.

A domain purchased for $100 in 1995 sold for $7,500,000.00 in 2000... What is the percentage markup in just 4 years? It's a $75,000 return for every $1 invested! And folks get excited about going to Vegas and getting 35-1 on roulette?

Others have sold for even higher margins and still others remain unsold as their values exceed $100 million!! What other commodity or stock EVER went from $100 to $7,500,000 in just 4 years? Microsoft? Dell? Amazon? eBay? Oil? Gold? Diamonds? Land? It has never happened before.

Some of our sites are undeveloped. But unlike most, they bring in profits! These sites will improve as content is added. But just like a 5 year old child... you can't blame them for not being 20! You must be patient as the child, or in this case until the Net, matures.

The Issue of Profits

While Wall St. may not have cared in too much in years past, we foresee a major shift in thinking. Profits DO count!

A business plan without profits is no business plan. Christmas 1999 online was bigger than ever before... but overall, they blew it big time!! The money is now moving away from "gambling" on dotcom stocks and moving the safer infrastructure companies. The reality is most online retailers are far from being well-oiled machines. In fact, MOST e-commerce based sites are not capable of completing the sale even with a customer having a credit card in hand.

We rate sites for profitability -- the ability to close the sale
-- NOTHING else counts!

Most online enterprises are learning things NOW that we determined in 1996 and 1997. The dotcom companies advertising on TV lost BIG money. That kind of advertising does not convert, and they overpaid by unimaginable margins! It’s the first sign of a rookie. Overlooking an online ad machine harvesting "targeted hits", they failed to realize how wasteful they were. They focused on market share. I bought Times Square! That produced market share and more!!


The value of domain appraisals.....

Worthless. There’s little benefit in getting your domains appraised by unskilled people that REALLY don't have a clue about what makes a domain valuable. If they told you the TRUTH, most people would demand their money back. They will give you a ridiculously inflated price so that you can run around and make a fool of yourself. We review nearly 2000 .com addresses a day, and 99.9% have NO value whatsoever, despite those worthless and bogus appraisals.

Our #1 Tip... Start simple and build up. Throwing money at something and seeing what develops is NOT the answer. Creating work is easy, creating revenue streams is much more difficult -- targeted eyeballs looking for specific places to go and spend money.

One thing continually comes up... the .cc, .net, etc. Keep it simple... This is a dotcom world so don't try to kid yourself looking for the second coming. Put your energy into searching for the dotcom.